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The Huron School District is commited to providing quality education to all students. School wide title programs aim to help all student reach the standards, challenge students to be the best they can be, and prepare students for the world of today and tomorrow. School wide programs count on parent support.  All parents are invited to help plan and take part in their school's program.  Because the district receives federal funds, the law requires the district to provide information about the school wide title programming. The attachments below provide the neccesary information.


Federal Programs Contact

Jolene Konechne

Director of Federal Programs


Dianne Tapken

Administrative Assistant- Federal Programs

2017-2018 Consolidated Application for Federal Programs

 If you would like to see the complete application, a copy is available in the Federal Programs District Office and each school building office.



ADB - District-Wide Title I Parental Involvement Policy.pdf

ADB District Wide Title 1 Parental Involvement Policy (Karen)

ADB District Wide Title 1 Parental Involvement Policy (Spanish)

Complaint Polciy for Federal Programs AEC.pdf

AEC Complaint Policy (Karen)

AEC Complaint Policy (Spanish)

Title Notice Requirements letter.docx

Title Notice Requirements Letter (Karen)

Title Notice Requirements letter(Sp).docx

Title Parents Right to Know Letter

Title Parents Right to Know Letter for Not Qualified-.pdf

Title 1 Non-regulatory Guidance

Title 1 Parent Involvement Guidance 

Title 1 Parent Involvement Guidance (Spanish)