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Curriculum and Instruction

Linda Pietz

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Danielle Radke

Administrative Assistant

The Huron School District's curriculum is defined by the content standards that are approved by the South Dakota Department of Education. Standards clarify what students are expected to know and be able to do at various points in their K-12 academic career. Local adoption and implementation of state standards ensures that the education students receive is consistently strong across all of South Dakota, and that completion of high school has common meaning throughout the state.

The South Dakota Board of Education adoption the Common Core Standards on November 29, 2010.

The underlying outcomes for this initiative are:

  • Provide teachers with a hands on experience to gain a deeper understanding of the standards; 
  • Investigate how the Common Core standards impact teaching practices; 
  • Learn about the Common Core standards starting with the end in mind, how the standards can be assessed, working through curriculum planning; 
  • Give teachers opportunities to collaborate with other teachers from their grade levels as they understand Common Core standards; 
  • Emphasize standards-driven curriculum; 
  • Utilize Standards in Practice® theory and Understanding by Design model to gain model units of how to teach the standards that illustrate the vision; 
  • Connecting relevant initiatives and the 4 Rs (rigor, relevance, relationships, results).

South Dakota Content Standards





Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

The Huron School District is committed to offering a "Guaranteed and Viable" curriculum to all students. Elements of a "Guaranteed and Viable" curriculum include:

A Clearly Establish Curriculum:

  • Content standards for each grade level are clearly written and defined for each grade level and course.
  • Standards are thoroughly communicated with teachers, with parents, and with students.
  • Standards are measurable, rigorous, and relevant.
  • Standards  are aligned from grade to grade and from class to class (horizontal and vertical).

The Defined Curriculum is Implemented: 

  • A clear understanding that course curriculum is the written and defined standards.
  • Standards are the focus of instruction.
  • Research-based instructional practices are the expectation.

Alignment of the Curriculum:

  • Direct alignment of what is intended to be taught (curriculum), what is actually instructed, and the assessment used to determine learning. 

The Curriculum is Viable:

  • Time to accomplish learning expectations at each grade level and in each course.
  • Instructional time is protected