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Welcome to Huron High School. As professional partners, Mr. Mittelstedt and I hope to provide all of you with a challenging and rewarding education in the classroom while affording you the opportunity to grow emotionally and socially through an assortment of extracurricular activities.  Each year we have the opportunity to watch students grow through their experiences at HHS and we hope that you will find those activities or organizations that match your personality and interests so that you, too, may take advantage of all of the wonderful things happening here.

Remember that our students come together each day from a variety of backgrounds and we can all learn from the experiences of others. Please remember the four promises that are your "Bill of Rights" when you face a difficult situation: 1. You will be treated with decency and respect. 2. You will have the opportunity to tell your side of the story. 3. You will be defended when you have been wronged. 4. You will face consequences when you violate conduct rules.

Best wishes to all students, parents, and staff members for a great school year.

Mike Radke, Ed.S.






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Listserv Accounts (Parent Email)

In order to send more "grade appropriate" emails to parents there are four separate Listserv Accounts for HHS students. We will NO LONGER use the current HuronHighSchoolNews account. Click the link below that matches your student(s) and join that group to receive emails from Huron High School about important information, dates and times.

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