Huron School District #2-2

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District Board Policies

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File Name: GDE_Substitute_Classified_Wages.pdf
File Size: 408.03 KB
408.03 KB
File Name: GDI_N_Transfer_Promotion.pdf
File Size: 80.12 KB
80.12 KB
File Name: GDJ-1_N_Hours_of_Work.pdf
File Size: 79.55 KB
79.55 KB
File Name: GDJ-2_N_Lay_Off__Recall.pdf
File Size: 240.02 KB
240.02 KB
File Name: GDKB_Negotiations_Protocol.pdf
File Size: 76.04 KB
76.04 KB
File Name: GDL_N_Mtgs-Wk_2.pdf
File Size: 76.88 KB
76.88 KB
File Name: GDM-1N_Classified_Grievance_Procedure.pdf
File Size: 107.53 KB
107.53 KB
File Name: GDM-2N_Classified_RequestForGrievanceSettlement.pdf
File Size: 105.49 KB
105.49 KB
File Name: GDO_N_Dissemination_of_Information__Materials.pdf
File Size: 72.06 KB
72.06 KB
File Name: ICA_-_School_Calendar.pdf
File Size: 249.34 KB
249.34 KB
File Name: ID-N_School_Day.pdf
File Size: 213.33 KB
213.33 KB
File Name: IF_N_Curriculum_Development.pdf
File Size: 229.49 KB
229.49 KB
File Size: 341.61 KB
341.61 KB
File Name: IGAC_Religious_Expression.pdf
File Size: 275.77 KB
275.77 KB
File Name: IGBH_Alternatives_to_reg_classroom_Activities.pdf
File Size: 262.58 KB
262.58 KB
File Name: IGBH-1_Enrollment_participation_-_alt_school_programs.pdf
File Size: 238.42 KB
238.42 KB
File Name: IGD_High_School_Interscholastic_Eligibility.pdf
File Size: 235.22 KB
235.22 KB
File Name: IGD-1_Participation_of_Alternative_Instruction_Students.pdf
File Size: 271.52 KB
271.52 KB
File Name: IGD-2_Eligibility_Checklist_for_Alt_Inst_Students.pdf
File Size: 262.72 KB
262.72 KB
File Name: IGDD_Continuous_Improvement_Student_Perf.pdf
File Size: 263.86 KB
263.86 KB