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District Board Policies

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Table of Contents

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File Name: GCBD-10_NAdoptive_Parent_Leave.pdf
File Size: 75.99 KB
75.99 KB
File Name: GCBD-11_N_Prof_Study.pdf
File Size: 90.90 KB
90.90 KB
File Name: GCBD-12_N_Professional_Leave-SDEA_or_NEA_President.pdf
File Size: 79.08 KB
79.08 KB
File Name: GCBD-13NProfessional_Leave-Prof._Organization_Rep.pdf
File Size: 82.60 KB
82.60 KB
File Name: GCBD-14_N_Professional_Leave-HEA-SDEA_Duties.pdf
File Size: 212.71 KB
212.71 KB
File Name: GCBD-15_N__Military_Service.pdf
File Size: 75.46 KB
75.46 KB
File Name: GCBD-16_N_Professional_Staff_Leave-Public_Office.pdf
File Size: 92.56 KB
92.56 KB
File Name: GCBD-17_N_Leave-Absence_without_pay.pdf
File Size: 76.87 KB
76.87 KB
File Name: GCBD-18_Fam__Med_Leave_Act.pdf
File Size: 91.01 KB
91.01 KB
File Name: GCBD-1_Teacher_Visitations.pdf
File Size: 74.92 KB
74.92 KB
File Name: GCBD-2_Professional_Staff_Leaves-Absences_-_Sick_Leave-Administrators.pdf
File Size: 260.86 KB
260.86 KB
File Name: GCBD-3N_Professional_Staff_Leaves_and_Absences_Sick_Leave-Certified_Staff.pdf
File Size: 332.08 KB
332.08 KB
File Name: GCBD-4N_Professional_Staff_Leaves_and_Absences_-_Funeral_Leave.pdf
File Size: 151.22 KB
151.22 KB
File Name: GCBD-5_N_Absence_for_Funeral-Prof_Resp.pdf
File Size: 77.34 KB
77.34 KB
File Name: GCBD-6_N_Absence_for_Prof_Resp.pdf
File Size: 83.06 KB
83.06 KB
File Name: GCBD-7_N_Jury_Duty.pdf
File Size: 57.26 KB
57.26 KB
File Name: GCBD-8_N_Extraordinary_Circumstances.pdf
File Size: 81.11 KB
81.11 KB
File Name: GCBD-9_N_Professional_Staff_Leaves_and_Absences_-_Short_Term_Leave.pdf
File Size: 255.29 KB
255.29 KB
File Name: GCCBE_Attendance_At_National_Conventions.pdf
File Size: 118.03 KB
118.03 KB
File Name: GCDB-E1_Noncriminal_Justice_Applilcants_Privacy_Rights.pdf
File Size: 107.52 KB
107.52 KB