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District Board Policies

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File Name: GCA-19_N__Cert_Tchr.pdf
File Size: 86.21 KB
86.21 KB
File Name: GCA-1_Qualifications-Contract_Provisions_for_Adm.pdf
File Size: 35.29 KB
35.29 KB
File Name: GCA-20_ESL_Coordinator.pdf
File Size: 109.50 KB
109.50 KB
File Size: 194.26 KB
194.26 KB
File Name: GCA-22_Job_Description_-_School_Social_Worker.pdf
File Size: 337.73 KB
337.73 KB
File Name: GCA-2_Job_Description_-Director_of_Instruction.pdf
File Size: 46.72 KB
46.72 KB
File Name: GCA-3_Job_Description-Business_Manager.pdf
File Size: 87.25 KB
87.25 KB
File Name: GCA-4_Job_Description-Special_Services_Director.pdf
File Size: 209.97 KB
209.97 KB
File Name: GCA-5_Job_Description-Tech_Director.pdf
File Size: 62.72 KB
62.72 KB
File Name: GCA-6_Professional_Staff_Description_-_High_School_Principal.pdf
File Size: 870.07 KB
870.07 KB
File Name: GCA-7_Job_Description-__HS_Asst._Prin.pdf
File Size: 78.54 KB
78.54 KB
File Name: GCA-8_Professional_Staff_Positions_-_Middle_School_Principal.pdf
File Size: 868.29 KB
868.29 KB
File Name: GCA-9_N_MS_Asst._Prin_12_95.pdf
File Size: 60.41 KB
60.41 KB
File Name: GCB-1_Professional_Staff_Contracts_and_Compensation_Plans.pdf
File Size: 272.41 KB
272.41 KB
File Name: GCB-2_N_Violation_of_Contract.pdf
File Size: 428.53 KB
428.53 KB
File Name: GCB-N_Sal_Sched_Terms.pdf
File Size: 72.48 KB
72.48 KB
File Name: GCBA-1_N_Hiring_Schedule_2022-2023.pdf
File Size: 198.11 KB
198.11 KB
File Name: GCBA-2_N_Extra_Duty_Schedule_-_2022-2023.pdf
File Size: 629.25 KB
629.25 KB
File Name: GCBA-3_N_Professional_Staff_Contracts_and_Compensatiion_Plans_-_Administration.pdf
File Size: 253.64 KB
253.64 KB
File Name: GCBA-4_N_Professional_Staff_Contracts__Compensation_Plan-Teachers.pdf
File Size: 348.16 KB
348.16 KB