Huron School District #2-2

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District Board Policies

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Table of Contents

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File Name: GBG_Staff_Participation_In_Political_Activities.pdf
File Size: 17.76 KB
17.76 KB
File Name: GBL-2N_Classified_Personnel_Records.pdf
File Size: 75.92 KB
75.92 KB
File Name: GBL_1N_Personnel_Records.pdf
File Size: 21.55 KB
21.55 KB
File Name: GBM-1_N_Grievance_Procedure_Certified_Personnel.pdf
File Size: 383.63 KB
383.63 KB
File Name: GBM-2_N_Grievance_Forms.pdf
File Size: 44.74 KB
44.74 KB
File Name: GC-1_N_Certified_Personnel_-_Requirements.pdf
File Size: 150.83 KB
150.83 KB
File Name: GC-20_Interpreter_Policy.pdf
File Size: 161.45 KB
161.45 KB
File Name: GC-2_N_Certification_-_Summer_School_Requirements.pdf
File Size: 209.35 KB
209.35 KB
File Name: GC-3N_Procedures_for_Certified_Negotiations.pdf
File Size: 239.93 KB
239.93 KB
File Name: GCA-10_N_Voc_Director_12_95.pdf
File Size: 86.94 KB
86.94 KB
File Name: GCA-11_N_Adult_Educ_Dir12_95.pdf
File Size: 79.71 KB
79.71 KB
File Name: GCA-12_Professional_Staff_Positions_-_Elementary_Principal.pdf
File Size: 862.02 KB
862.02 KB
File Name: GCA-13_N_Activities_Dir._12_95.pdf
File Size: 85.87 KB
85.87 KB
File Name: GCA-14N_Nutrition_Dir_12_95.pdf
File Size: 86.27 KB
86.27 KB
File Name: GCA-15_N_Concession_Dir_12_95.pdf
File Size: 83.93 KB
83.93 KB
File Name: GCA-16_N_Buildings__Grounds_Director.pdf
File Size: 82.09 KB
82.09 KB
File Name: GCA-17_N_Arena_Mgr._12_95.pdf
File Size: 79.58 KB
79.58 KB
File Name: GCA-18.1.pdf
File Size: 152.53 KB
152.53 KB
File Name: GCA-18.1_N_School_Nurse__CTE_Health_Science_Instructor.pdf
File Size: 152.53 KB
152.53 KB
File Name: GCA-18_N_School_Nurse.pdf
File Size: 92.04 KB
92.04 KB