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District Board Policies

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File Name: DL_Purchasing_Procedures_2023.pdf
File Size: 116.00 KB
116.00 KB
File Name: DMA-N_Payment_Procedures_for_Certified_Employees.pdf
File Size: 214.65 KB
214.65 KB
File Name: DM_Payment_Procedures.pdf
File Size: 164.77 KB
164.77 KB
File Name: DN-N_Payday_Schedules.pdf
File Size: 77.51 KB
77.51 KB
File Name: DO_Expense_Reimbursements_Lodging_Mileage_and__Meals.pdf
File Size: 344.71 KB
344.71 KB
File Name: DP_Cash_in_School_Buildings.pdf
File Size: 117.72 KB
117.72 KB
File Name: EA_Support_Service_Goals.pdf
File Size: 248.97 KB
248.97 KB
File Name: EB-N_Safety_Program.pdf
File Size: 263.77 KB
263.77 KB
File Name: EBBA_First_Aid.pdf
File Size: 250.94 KB
250.94 KB
File Name: EBBB_Accident_Reports.pdf
File Size: 155.41 KB
155.41 KB
File Name: EBB_Accident_Prevention_and_Safety_Procedures.pdf
File Size: 264.46 KB
264.46 KB
File Name: EBCA_Bomb_Threats.pdf
File Size: 305.32 KB
305.32 KB
File Name: EBCB_Fire_Drills.pdf
File Size: 262.89 KB
262.89 KB
File Name: EBCC_Emergency_Lockdowns.pdf
File Size: 152.27 KB
152.27 KB
File Name: EBCD_Emergency_Closings.pdf
File Size: 368.32 KB
368.32 KB
File Name: EBD_Use_of_Automated_External_Defibrillators_AED.pdf
File Size: 335.86 KB
335.86 KB
File Name: ECA-R_Buildings__Grounds_Security-Regulations.pdf
File Size: 180.92 KB
180.92 KB
File Name: ECAA_Equal_Access.pdf
File Size: 210.45 KB
210.45 KB
File Name: ECAB_Vandalism.pdf
File Size: 185.77 KB
185.77 KB
File Name: ECAC_Video_Surveillance.pdf
File Size: 700.68 KB
700.68 KB