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District Board Policies

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File Name: GDBA-1N_Custodial_Staff_Hiring_Schedule_2021-2022.pdf
File Size: 264.25 KB
264.25 KB
File Name: GDBA-2N_Full-Time_Personnel_Hiring_Schedule_2021-2022.pdf
File Size: 263.33 KB
263.33 KB
File Name: GDBA-3N_Para-Educators_Hiring_Schedules_2021-2022.pdf
File Size: 370.81 KB
370.81 KB
File Name: GDBA-4_Bus_Driver_hiring_Schedule_21-22.pdf
File Size: 312.91 KB
312.91 KB
File Name: GDBA-5N_Food_Service_Hiring_Schedules_2021-2022.pdf
File Size: 284.44 KB
284.44 KB
File Name: GDBAN_ClassifiedSalaryTerms.pdf
File Size: 76.76 KB
76.76 KB
File Name: GDBB-1_ClassifiedSupplementaryPayPlansSection125.pdf
File Size: 71.74 KB
71.74 KB
File Name: GDBB-2-2014_N_Retirement_of_Support_Staff_-_Recruitment_and_Retention_Incentive.pdf
File Size: 375.67 KB
375.67 KB
File Name: GDBB-2N_ClassifiedEarlyRetirement.pdf
File Size: 88.76 KB
88.76 KB
File Name: GDBB-3-2014_N_Recruit__Reten_Insurance.pdf
File Size: 322.43 KB
322.43 KB
File Name: GDBB-3_N_Early_Retirement_Insurance.pdf
File Size: 198.91 KB
198.91 KB
File Name: GDBB-4__Early_Resignation_Benefits_.._Class_I.pdf
File Size: 238.61 KB
238.61 KB
File Name: GDBBN_ClassifiedPayrollDeductions.pdf
File Size: 78.69 KB
78.69 KB
File Name: GDBC-1N_Support_Staff_Fringe_Benefits_-_Insurance.pdf
File Size: 274.03 KB
274.03 KB
File Name: GDBC-2N_ClassifiedFreeAdm.pdf
File Size: 77.50 KB
77.50 KB
File Name: GDBC-3_N_Overtime_Pay_for_Class_I.pdf
File Size: 224.62 KB
224.62 KB
File Name: GDBD-10N_ClassifiedAdoptiveParentLeave.pdf
File Size: 74.53 KB
74.53 KB
File Name: GDBD-10_COVID-19_Furloughs_and_Hazard_Pay.pdf
File Size: 258.18 KB
258.18 KB
File Name: GDBD-11N_ClassifiedJuryDuty.pdf
File Size: 75.45 KB
75.45 KB
File Name: GDBD-1_N__Support_Staff_Sick_Leave_Plan_Class_I.pdf
File Size: 328.60 KB
328.60 KB