Huron School District #2-2

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District Board Policies

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File Name: GDA-1_Support_Staff_Positions_Position_Level_Definitions.pdf
File Size: 252.51 KB
252.51 KB
File Name: GDA-20_JobDescriptionBusinessOffice-FSConcActivities.pdf
File Size: 84.07 KB
84.07 KB
File Name: GDA-21.1_Grounds_Technician.pdf
File Size: 330.30 KB
330.30 KB
File Name: GDA-21_Lead_Grounds_Technician.pdf
File Size: 152.12 KB
152.12 KB
File Name: GDA-22.1_Maintenance_Technician.pdf
File Size: 341.81 KB
341.81 KB
File Name: GDA-22_Lead_Maintenance_Technician.pdf
File Size: 152.09 KB
152.09 KB
File Name: GDA-23_JobDescriptionOfficeAide.pdf
File Size: 85.20 KB
85.20 KB
File Name: GDA-24_JobDescriptionBusinessOffice_Payroll.pdf
File Size: 88.31 KB
88.31 KB
File Name: GDA-25_JobDescriptionSupervisoryAide.pdf
File Size: 81.80 KB
81.80 KB
File Name: GDA-26_Support_Staff_Positions.pdf
File Size: 282.85 KB
282.85 KB
File Name: GDA-27_JobDescriptionTransporation-Aide.pdf
File Size: 80.12 KB
80.12 KB
File Name: GDA-28_JobDescriptionDelivery.pdf
File Size: 85.94 KB
85.94 KB
File Name: GDA-29_JobDescriptionBusinessOffice-Purchasing-CentralPrinting.pdf
File Size: 84.45 KB
84.45 KB
File Name: GDA-2_JobDescriptionFS_GenHelper.pdf
File Size: 99.15 KB
99.15 KB
File Name: GDA-30_Job_Description_-_Admin_Assistant_to_Activities_Director_and_Arena_Manager.pdf
File Size: 276.87 KB
276.87 KB
File Size: 124.94 KB
124.94 KB
File Name: GDA-3_JobDescriptionFS_BakerII.pdf
File Size: 86.53 KB
86.53 KB
File Name: GDA-4_JobDescriptionFS_AstCook.pdf
File Size: 84.46 KB
84.46 KB
File Name: GDA-5_Job_Description_FS_Satellite_Pers.pdf
File Size: 84.67 KB
84.67 KB
File Name: GDA-6_Job_Description_FS_Baker_I.pdf
File Size: 86.14 KB
86.14 KB