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District Board Policies

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File Name: GCPA-1_N_Staff_Reduction.pdf
File Size: 88.33 KB
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File Name: GCPA-2_N_Non-Re-employment_Policy.pdf
File Size: 78.03 KB
78.03 KB
File Name: GCPB_N_Early_Resignation.pdf
File Size: 217.87 KB
217.87 KB
File Name: GCPC-2014N_Retirement_of_Professional_Staff_-Recruitment_and_Retention_Incentive.pdf
File Size: 380.21 KB
380.21 KB
File Name: GCPC_N_Early_Retirement.pdf
File Size: 52.00 KB
52.00 KB
File Name: GCQD_N_Association_Dues.pdf
File Size: 82.44 KB
82.44 KB
File Name: GDA-10_JobDescriptionFS_MS-CashierSec.pdf
File Size: 84.57 KB
84.57 KB
File Name: GDA-11_JobDescriptionFS_ConcessionMgr.pdf
File Size: 86.24 KB
86.24 KB
File Name: GDA-12_JobDescriptionCentralPrinting.pdf
File Size: 84.93 KB
84.93 KB
File Name: GDA-13_JobDescriptionSpecialEducationAdminAsst.pdf
File Size: 103.87 KB
103.87 KB
File Name: GDA-14_JobDescriptionLibrary-MediaAide.pdf
File Size: 76.67 KB
76.67 KB
File Name: GDA-15_JobDescriptionSuptAdmAsst.pdf
File Size: 112.10 KB
112.10 KB
File Name: GDA-16_JobDescriptionAcademicAide.pdf
File Size: 82.54 KB
82.54 KB
File Name: GDA-17_JobDescriptionBusinessOffice-Accts.pdf
File Size: 87.69 KB
87.69 KB
File Name: GDA-18.1_Administrative_Assistant_Buildings__Grounds.pdf
File Size: 261.82 KB
261.82 KB
File Name: GDA-18_JobDescriptionCurriculumAdmAsst.pdf
File Size: 106.57 KB
106.57 KB
File Name: GDA-19.1_Support-Service-Positions-HHS-HMS-Foreman-Custodian.pdf
File Size: 176.03 KB
176.03 KB
File Name: GDA-19.2_Elementary_Foreman_Custodian.pdf
File Size: 373.74 KB
373.74 KB
File Name: GDA-19_Support-Service-Positions-Custodian.pdf
File Size: 175.76 KB
175.76 KB
File Name: GDA-1_Support_Staff_Positions_Position_Level_Definitions.pdf
File Size: 252.51 KB
252.51 KB