Huron School District #2-2

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District Board Policies

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Table of Contents

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File Name: GCDB-E1_Noncriminal_Justice_Applilcants_Privacy_Rights.pdf
File Size: 107.52 KB
107.52 KB
File Name: GCDB_Background_Checks.pdf
File Size: 167.61 KB
167.61 KB
File Name: GCD_Professional_Staff_Hiring.pdf
File Size: 505.22 KB
505.22 KB
File Name: GCEA-N_Teachers_Substituting_For_Teachers.pdf
File Size: 204.27 KB
204.27 KB
File Name: GCE_Substitute_Teachers.pdf
File Size: 266.25 KB
266.25 KB
File Name: GCH_Salary_Guidelines_-_Administrators_doc.pdf
File Size: 575.56 KB
575.56 KB
File Name: GCI-1_N_Adm_Assign__Transfer_Invol.pdf
File Size: 78.56 KB
78.56 KB
File Name: GCI-2_N_Professional_Staff_Assignments__Transfers_Voluntary_Vacancy__Transfer_Policy.pdf
File Size: 151.70 KB
151.70 KB
File Name: GCI-3_N_Certified_Staff_Assignment_and_Transfer_-_Involuntary.pdf
File Size: 151.64 KB
151.64 KB
File Name: GCJ_N_Professional_Staff_Time_Schedules.pdf
File Size: 186.78 KB
186.78 KB
File Name: GCK-1_N_Job_Sharing_2001.pdf
File Size: 92.49 KB
92.49 KB
File Size: 81.12 KB
81.12 KB
File Name: GCL_N_Professional_Staff_Development.pdf
File Size: 174.62 KB
174.62 KB
File Name: GCN-1_Eval_of_Profadmstaff.pdf
File Size: 198.59 KB
198.59 KB
File Name: GCN-2N_Evaluation_of_Professional_Staff_Teacher_Observation__Evaluation.pdf
File Size: 269.89 KB
269.89 KB
File Name: GCN-3_N_HEAD_COACH_EVALUATION_2011-2012.pdf
File Size: 316.65 KB
316.65 KB
File Name: GCN-4_N_Counselor_Eval.pdf
File Size: 117.16 KB
117.16 KB
File Name: GCN-5_N_Media_Specialist_Evaluation.pdf
File Size: 112.71 KB
112.71 KB
File Name: GCN-6_N_Eval_Social_Worker.pdf
File Size: 116.76 KB
116.76 KB
File Name: GCN-7_N_Sch_Nurse_Observ.pdf
File Size: 101.33 KB
101.33 KB