Huron School District #2-2

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District Board Policies Section J: Students


Section J

Table of Contents

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File Name: JA_Student_Handbooks.pdf
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File Name: JE_Student_Attendance.pdf
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File Name: JEA_-_Compulsory_Attendance.pdf
212.08 KB
File Name: JEC_Requirements_for_Enrolling_in_School.pdf
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File Name: JECB_Enrollment_of_Non-Resident_Students.pdf
78.88 KB
File Name: JFABD_-_Education_of_Homeless_Students.pdf
305.99 KB
File Name: JFCC_Student_Conduct_on_School_Buses.pdf
180.09 KB
File Name: JFCC-R_Student_Conduct_on_School_Buses_Regulation.pdf
241.37 KB
File Name: JFCD_Bullying.pdf
3,009.33 KB
File Name: JFCD-E1_Bullying_Complaint_Report_Form.pdf
40.48 KB
File Name: JFCD-E2_Bullying_Complaint_Appeal_to_the_Superintendent.pdf
38.78 KB
File Name: JFCD-E3_Bullying_Complaint_Appeal_to_the_School_Board.pdf
40.15 KB
File Name: JFCJ_Weapons_in_the_School.pdf
21.24 KB
File Name: JFG_Searches_of_Students_Lockers_and_Vehicles.pdf
32.89 KB
File Name: JFH_Student_Complaints_and_Grievances.pdf
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