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District Board Policies Section D: Fiscal Management


Section D

Table of Contents

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File Name: SECTION_D.pdf
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File Name: DA_General_Fund_Balance.pdf
File Size: 188.43 KB
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File Name: DB_Budget_Hearings_and_Review.pdf
File Size: 194.53 KB
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File Name: DC_Accountability_for_Funds_-_Transfer_of_Surplus.pdf
File Size: 216.02 KB
216.02 KB
File Name: DD-N_Free_Admissions_to_District_Activities.pdf
File Size: 227.82 KB
227.82 KB
File Name: DE_Credit_Card_and_Purchase_Card_Use.pdf
File Size: 200.90 KB
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File Name: DF_Fiscal_Accounting_and_Reporting.pdf
File Size: 192.80 KB
192.80 KB
File Name: DFA_Fiscal_Accounting_and_Reporting-Types_of_Funds.pdf
File Size: 208.83 KB
208.83 KB
File Name: DG_Audits.pdf
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189.05 KB
File Name: DH_Purchasing_Authority.pdf
File Size: 191.35 KB
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File Name: DI_Contracts.pdf
File Size: 184.74 KB
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File Name: DJ_Petty_Cash_Accounts.pdf
File Size: 189.44 KB
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File Name: DK_Incidental_Accounts.pdf
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File Name: DL_Purchasing_Procedures.pdf
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