Huron School District #2-2

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District Board Policies Section B: School Board Governance & Operations


Section B

Table of Contents

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File Name: Section_B__Table_of_Contents.pdf
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File Name: BA_Priority_Objectives_of_Board_Operations.pdf
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File Name: BB_School_Board_Powers_and_Duties.pdf
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File Name: BC_Board_Member_Code_of_Ethics.pdf
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File Name: BD_Board_Member_Conflict_of_Interest.pdf
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File Name: BEA_Duties_of_the_Board_of_Education_President.pdf
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File Name: BEB_Committees_of_the_Board_of_Education.pdf
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File Name: BEC_Advisory_Committees_to_the_Board.pdf
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File Name: BED_Compensation_for_School_Board_Members.pdf
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File Name: BEE_Electronic_Communication_by_Board_Members.pdf
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File Name: BEF_School_Board_and_Superintendent_Relationship.pdf
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File Name: BE_Organization_of_the_Board_of_Education.pdf
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File Name: BF_School_Board_Meetings-Procedures.pdf
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File Name: BFA_School_Board_Meetings_.._Order_of_Business.pdf
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