Huron School District #2-2

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Huron School District Philosophy

The Huron School District Philosophy is based on the following components:

Mission Statement

Lifelong learners will be inspired and developed through

effective teaching in a safe and caring environment.


Vision Statement

Respect - Pride - Excellence For All


Belief Statements

An educational institution proceeds based upon certain beliefs

about children, schools, and society.



  1.  …all children are capable of learning, achieving, and succeeding.
  2. …high expectations produce high achievers.
  3. …our schools provide the opportunity and incentive to challenge
    each student to develop to the best of his/her ability.
  4. …our greatest resource is people.
  5. …in the worth and dignity of the individual.
  6. …the primary responsibility of education begins in the home and
    is shared by the student, family school, and community.
  7. …our school system is accountable to our community.
  8. …that the acquisition of academic skills is the primary objective
    of our schools.
  9. …our schools emphasize the development of technical and
    occupational skills.
  10. …change is essential for growth and improvement.
  11. …in the ideals on which the Constitution is based and that educated 
    and involved citizens are essential for a democratic society.
  12. …a quality school system enhances the quality of the community.
  13. …in the interrelationship of personal virtues, civic values, and 
    ethical conduct.
  14. …schools assist in the development of the whole child.